We believe an internship should be a valuable experience for both the intern and the organization.

Ideally the intern will integrate the knowledge and theory they learned in the classroom with the practical application of skills they develop in a professional setting. This hands on learning provides the opportunity to gain valuable experience and networking opportunities in a chosen career path. With a job well done, the intern can also gain a useful entry on their resume, a great reference and stipends where applicable.

Intern Talent We Are Looking For:

MARKETING AND FUNDRAISING - Are you someone who walks into a room of people and can’t leave without making a few friends? Do you enjoy networking and making new connections? We are currently seeking interns to assist with our marketing and fundraising efforts. Interns can receive a stipend based on a percentage of the funds raised, ads sold etc by them.

SOCIAL MEDIA - Are you obsessed with social media and sharing stories on line? Do your friends look to you on Facebook and Twitter for the latest trends and ideas? Fine Arts Network is looking for a tech savvy, wicked smart intern to assist us with our social medial presence. What is a snap for you but challenging for us could give you both experience in marketing and great references at the end of it.

COSTUME DESIGN - We are currently looking for interns who are interested in costume design and construction. These interns would assist in costuming our productions and serving as dressers backstage.

In addition we have a large inventory of costumes that needs to be catalogued, organized and put up for rental. Interns involved in this activity would receive a percentage of the rental fees.

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